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Enjoy Your Visit Safely!

We’re excited to welcome you back to the Sea Ranch Lodge and deliver an incredible experience on the Sonoma Coast. But, first things first—our main goal is to ensure your safety and health during your visit. To protect the well-being of our guests, our staff, and our entire community, we’ve enhanced our health and cleaning protocols and adapted our stay experience. Here’s our action plan to create safe and welcoming spaces for everyone:


  • Hand sanitizer dispensers, touchless whenever possible, will be placed at key guest and employee entrances and contact areas such as driveways, reception areas, hotel lobbies, and elevator landings. 
  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing (using products following EPA guidelines) counters and credit card processing terminals. 

Public Areas

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers, touchless whenever possible, will be provided at multiple key areas, including hotel lobby, reception areas, and elevator landings. 
  • Increased frequency of cleaning and sanitizing (using products following EPA guidelines), especially on high-touch surfaces, including door handles, stair handrails, seating areas, and public bathrooms. 
  • Increased frequency of air filter replacement and HVAC system cleaning to maximize fresh air exchange. 
  • Placement of Blue EPA air purifiers throughout the building

Restaurant, Bar, and Lounge

  • Reduced seating capacities to allow for a minimum of six feet between each seated group/party of guests.
  • Dining tables, bar tops, stools and chairs will be sanitized after each use.
  • Condiments will be served in single-use containers.
  • Menus will be single use.
  • Food preparation stations will be sanitized consistently. 
  • Kitchens will be deep cleaned and sanitized at least once per day.
  • All food and beverage items will be placed on the table, counter, or other surface instead of being handed directly to a guest.

Staff and back of the house

  • All employees are vaccinated 
  • All employees will have their temperature checked when they arrive. 
  • All employees have been instructed to wash their hands or use sanitizer at least every 60 minutes and after any activities like sneezing, touching the face, mopping, smoking, using the restroom, eating, drinking and before and after starting a shift. 
  • All employees will receive training on COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols.
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